Why MMS Should Be A Key Component Of Your Communication Strategy

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If you’re sending your customers SMS messages, you’re already ahead of the game. While open rates for emails are currently between 20-25%, open rates for text messages continue to remain an impressive 98%.

SMS marketing is great at cutting through the noise and earning your customer’s attention, though, if you’re looking to elevate your communication strategy even further, MMS (multi-media messaging services) might be for you. So, we have brought it to our customers, and are thrilled to announce our platform now offers MMS as part of our portal. Let’s break it down.

What is MMS Marketing?

MMS Marketing is a way of communicating to customers and leads using multimedia messages sent via MMS. In the most case, this multimedia content is in the form of images.

With MMS, there is no standard character limit and each message can handle approximately 300KB per message.

Deep within the era of digital distraction, human attention span is a very minimal 8 seconds. Instead of relying on text-only messages to engage customers, you can use MMS to raise the bar on your Marketing Strategy and connect on a more personal level.  

What Is The Difference Between SMS & MMS?

SMS supports text and links, with standard SMS messages allowing for 160 characters. Meanwhile, MMS messaging supports rich media, including GIFs, images, audio and video, typically up to 300KB of data. MMS allows for more characters, too, meaning it costs slightly more to send over SMS, for good reason.

When Should I use SMS or MMS?

It’s important to consider your goals, objectives and the type of content you plan to send. Some key prompts to help you decide are:

  1. What is your budget? As SMS is typically cheaper, you will be able to send more messages at a more affordable price.
  2. How long is the content you want to send? MMS has significantly extended character limits, so could be a go-to option for longer message types.
  3. Is your message informational or promotional? We believe informational messages often work best via SMS (weather alerts, emergency services, etc). Promotions and creative messages can definitely be sent both ways, however you will have an opportunity to be more creative and deliver engaging, personable content via MMS.

Benefits of MMS Marketing

  1. No extra software required, no new opt-in list

Through our portal, users can easily send MMS as if they would bulk SMS broadcasts. The extra bonus? Once your users are already opted in for SMS, MMS requires no new opt-in list, meaning you can start sending straight away!

  • Send creative, easy to consume content instantly

Send rich content to your audience instantly, using images, GIFs, audio, and even video. MMS gives you an edge, with content that is more emotive and attention-grabbing. Using an image, your customers are also up to 8 times more likely to share this type of content across their social media channels than a copy-based SMS.

  • Instant analytics and reporting

Just like SMS Marketing, enjoy real time analytics, open rates and reporting through the Chatti platform when using MMS marketing. Same portal, same output, just a different type of content!

  • Predictions for more future integration

While MMS currently works across all smart-phones, latest research by Forbes predicts within due time, MMS will be a deliverable option on smart TVs, even in vehicles.

  • Brand your content

Uplevel your strategy by creating engaging, on brand content. When using MMS, you can send a message that arrives complete with your brand logo, for instant brand accreditation.  

  • Build Brand Trust and Rapport

By sending pictures and videos using special offers or coupons via MMS, you increase opportunities for more sales, but also build on customer loyalty with easy to recognise imagery and brand logos.

  • Save On Your Bottom Line!

MMS is inexpensive and more effective than other methods, like email marketing, increasing customer engagement, cut-through and rapport. Start sending MMS via Chatti with pricing as low as 0.29C.

Ready To Start Including MMS? Here Are Some Tips To Get Started.

Your Copy Is Still Important!

While picking an image or GIF is important for engagement, it’s still just as imperative to focus on the copy attached in your MMS. This will help increase your CTR (click through rate) and conversion rates with all links still being placed in the copy.

Plan Your Content

Prepare your messages ahead of time and cater each of your MMS’ to each of your different audiences. This will help you design the right type of content that will resonate with them most effectively.

Use High-Quality Visuals Only

Make sure your visuals are designed for a small screen, ensuring your customers can see your content without difficulty or confusion. Always use clean and simple images, with readable text.

Include A Strong Call To Action

As above, be clear with what you want your customers to do after consuming your content. A strong CTA will motivate your audience to take the appropriate action.

Ready to start incorporating MMS into your marketing strategy? Level up with our easy-to-use portal and start sending instantly. Contact us for a complimentary demo today!

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