Voice Gateway

Voice infrastructure you can trust with your business critical applications

Sign up and receive 11,000 bonus Qantas Points when you spend $500 in the first 30 days.*

Voice Gateway

Voice infrastructure you can trust with your business critical applications

Sign up and receive 11,000 bonus Qantas Points when you spend $500 in the first 30 days.*

Engaging Conversations Start With Voice

Our Voice SMS Gateway and Voice services help you innovate, streamline, and scale with flexible voice capabilities – all on a reliable, high quality global carrier network billed on a per-second basis so you only pay for what you use.

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Turn Phone Calls into Opportunities

See how our Text-To-Speech service and Voice API Gateway helps businesses like yours to succeed.

Connect when it Matters with Text-To-Speech

It’s harder to ignore a persistently ringing phone than a text or push notification. Using a voice call to deliver a critical alert about a cancelled flight, an early school closing, appointment reminder or even a local emergency alert. Our Text-To-Speech service increases the likelihood of your message being heard.

If your message is critical to get delivered, you can use a simple IVR application to enable the recipient to acknowledge they received your message. Additionally, you can automatically call backup contacts if no acknowledgement is received. 

Get Powerful Insights with Voice Polls

Execute automated voice polls via inbound or outbound calls. Ask recipients questions and collect responses via the touch tone keypad. This is great for political campaigns or collecting automated customer feedback.

Verify Customer Identity with a 2FA Voice Call

Two factor authentication (2FA) is the industry standard for keeping your customer accounts secure. 2FA by voice improves your security because your users enter a PIN either by SMS or Voice directly to their handset every time they log in.

A Voice Gateway API you can Trust

Our Voice Gateway terminates over 15 billion minutes of global voice traffic annually to landline and mobile phones, which means our voice network will scale to give your company the capacity and high availability you expect from a leading voice platform.

2 Qantas Points per $1 spent on Voice

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Get Started with up to 11,000 bonus points when you sign up with Chatti and spend $500 in the first 30 days.*

In Good Company

Businesses around the world trust our network to stay connected with Voice.

Get Connected Your Way

Online Voice Platform

Access Chatti’s Text-to-Speech service via our online platform, Chattabox. Convert an SMS into a voice call & start creating calls from your browser or smartphone.


Get seamless integration, low latency, and global connectivity with an API that enables integration directly with your business applications.

Call Tracking

Track call metadata for lead generation and marketing campaigns which will turn your calls into powerful marketing.

Simple Interactive Voice Response

With Simple IVR, you can add voice menus to your call flow without the need to build and deploy any hardware.

Why Switch to Chatti?

Bulk-call thousands of contacts in an instant

Extend the reach of other communication channels as Voice reaches mobile devices as well as landline phone on our globally connected network. Bulk call your contacts with Text-To-Speech in the same instant speed as SMS.

Have your voice heard

Always receive a clear call on our quality Voice API. Get your message heard with Text-To-Speech in time critical situations, or when a more emotional notification is required.

Voice Quality Engine​

Deliver high quality voice experiences with our feature-rich carrier-grade network.


Various languages and voices

Scale your calls globally with the ability to speak text to callers in multiple languages and accents.

Local Phone Numbers

Instantly provision local, toll-free, mobile and landline numbers in over 65 countries worldwide.

Standard Features

you (and your customers) will love

Reliable 100% uptime SLA Guarantee

Real-time broadcast monitor

Fast 24/7 support

Optional auto top-up

No hidden fees

Secure 256-bit SSL

100% delivery with Tier 1 networks

Free reports

Access to Chattabox online Voice software

Free automation services

Make voice calls to all countries globally

Access to robust API

Credits never expire

Instant access - get sending in minutes

Customise sender ID

Prepaid and postpaid option available

Low credit warning


Advanced Features

you (and your customers) will love

Call Control Objects

Experience more flexibility using a JSON array of actions to control the flow of your Voice API calls.

Recording Management

Integrate stored call recordings with your preferred workflow tools or build your own dashboard.


Create globally supported audio conferences with just a few lines of code.

Audio Streaming

Easily stream stored media audio files right from your Nexmo Call Control Object (NCCO).

Audio Playback

Enable a rich calling experience with customised voice prompts and hold music.

Early Media Support

Play sounds such as ringback tone to the calling party before the call is answered.

Auto-Join Conference Calls

Make conference calls effortless by having callers automatically join as a meeting begins.

Split/Multitrack Recording (Beta)

Record up to 32 call participants in separate tracks to enable more accurate call transcription, content search, sentiment analysis and more.

Answering Machine Detection

Provide a customised experience depending on whether a live person or answering machine is reached.

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)

Programmatically control the pronunciation of text, including punctuation, pausing, emphasis, volume, pitch, rate of speech, phonetic pronunciation and context disambiguation.

Selective Audio Controls (Beta)

Establish an exclusive audio feed for a select call participant to provide feedback and guidance during any conversation.

SIP Connect (beta)

Bring feature rich calling to your SIP deployment with Split/Multitrack Recording, TTS, Websocket connectivity and more

Globally Distributed Call Controls

Keep your call control signaling local with our global distribution of data centers to reduce latency and improve overall call quality.

Elastic SIP Trunking

Extend your reach to the PSTN using your existing VoIP infrastructure and the Nexmo cloud.


Easily integrate with third party vendors in real time, including artificial intelligence bots.

WebRTC Enabled

Calling over IP and PSTN with powerful programmable voice features to improve business outcomes and user experience.

Loved by Developers, Built for Business

Build amazing experiences easily with Chatti. We help growing companies and agile enterprises reach 6 billion people in practically every country. See how we can work for you, in any language.

Another Customer Success Story

Staples launched the “easy button”  using our voice API which allows users to connect to live support agents for instant ordering at the literal touch of a button.

Staples is an example of an innovative enterprise linking their offline and online communication methods to streamline their customer experience.


Flexible Voice Pricing From 2.5 Cents per minute

Select the pricing option that suits you


Pay only for what you use as you go. Prepay credits never expire.

Volume discounts

Automatically receive discount pricing the more credits purchased in bulk.

Committed-use discounts

Receive our largest discounts with monthly committed volume.