How To Incorporate SMS If You’re In The Beauty Industry

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SMS Marketing for Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is growing at a rapid rate, despite the multiple challenges both salons and cosmetic retailers have faced over the past two years. Consumers are rushing at the opportunity to jump on the latest beauty trend or discover the newest niche product to add to their collection and according to the stats, this won’t be changing anytime soon. With Australians spending a whopping $22 billion on beauty products and treatments each year, SMS is the perfect opportunity for businesses to keep up with the demand while seeking meaningful connections with their customers.

Whether you’re wanting to remind your clients of their upcoming appointment or help them pick the best product for your skin, beauty is personal & your SMS strategy should be too. We’ve covered some of our favorite ways that we’ve seen SMS Marketing convert shoppers, increase bookings and improve customer retention.


Whether your customers need help finding the best treatment for their skin or the perfect shade of foundation, a little bit of help from an expert goes a long way and makes the experience one to remember. Say goodbye to cart abandonment by nurturing and educating each person who browses your site. Offering instant personalised customer service via SMS, you will be able to guide customers through their purchase journey by finding the products and treatments that best suit their needs.  


Now that you’ve helped your customers find exactly what they need to buy, why not take the opportunity to send them through some other products or treatments you think they will love. Sending through products that compliment each other will encourage your customers to try new products while also doubling your sales – it’s a win-win for everybody!


Let’s talk about Transactional SMS. Between the growing to-do list at work, trying to maintain a social life and squeezing in a little bit of R&R on rare occasions, most of us are living extremely busy lives. With the copious amounts of things to remember throughout the day, unfortunately appointments can slip through the cracks. Implementing automatic reminders 48 hours before each appointment will save you the risk of having no-shows become a regular occurrence. Customers will be able to confirm, schedule or cancel appointments at the click of a button. Hello productivity and profitability!


Nothing builds excitement like giving your customers exclusive access to new products and treatments. With the almost instant open rate of SMS, it is the perfect channel to announce your latest update – from product launches to new treatments and any upcoming promotions your customers should keep their eye out for. Start building the hype by cross promoting on any existing marketing channels you have. Using a combination of SMS, email and social media will get as many eyes as possible on your marketing. The tactic of giving your customers ‘early access’ or a ‘special promotion’ is a key aspect of increasing customer retention and loyalty.


As much as you can try and avoid cancellations, from time to time they’re bound to happen. When you have a growing waiting list, it’s disappointing to see an appointment left unbooked, especially when you’re the one out of pocket. To avoid appointments being left unbooked or having to ring each customer that’s on your waiting list, SMS notifications do the work for you the moment an appointment is canceled. The fast open rate of SMS guarantees that it won’t take long before the appointment is filled again!


Increase lifetime value with automated messages for subscription renewals or product repurchase. As mentioned before, your customers already have plenty of things on their mind which means they’re looking for any opportunity to streamline their purchases.

For example, if a customer has purchased a product that usually takes 30 days to use, send them a reorder reminder after 25 days. If your customer has purchased a pack of treatments (e.g. Laser Hair Removal), send them a reminder once they have booked their last appointment. Outside of being a great revenue driver, this method increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The data doesn’t lie – beauty brands around the world are seeing incredible results by implementing SMS into their marketing strategy. If you’re ready to take the plunge and start seeing the results for yourself, contact one of our Chatti Experts & start your free trial today.

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