How to prepare your SMS Strategy for iOS16

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If you’re part of the beloved Apple community, you would know just how often iOS changes come about. With the latest update, iOS 16, data privacy and the way consumers use their iPhone is about to be shaken up. While these moves are great for consumers and their concerns around privacy, they are going to challenge the way marketers reach their audience. Soon, iPhone consumers are going to be able to filter their text messages based on transactions, promotions and junk. While this feature hasn’t be rolled out in Australia yet, it is expected to expand to more countries soon. So, we’ve created a list of what you can do to prepare for this shift and ensure even better cut-through.

Incorporate SMS Best Practices 

There is often a fine line between effective marketing and spam, so if you haven’t already ensured you are complying with SMS best practices, now is the time to do so. There has been a growing concern amongst consumers around the data they share with brands and Apple has taken note of this. As the latest iOS update is all about privacy, it is crucial to ensure your text messages won’t be mistaken for junk or spam. By only messaging those who have opted-in to receive SMS, providing opt-out methods in each message, and by clearly identifying your business, you’re already on the way to ensuring effective SMS Marketing.

Use Sender ID and Encourage Subscribers to Save Your Contact

If you want your messages going straight to your customers main inbox, we recommend using Sender ID for instant recognition. This will help to increase the chances of your text messages being seen, rather than going to an ‘unknown sender’ folder. In addition to ensuring your messages land in the right inbox, having your contact saved will help increase brand awareness and trust. With the new design of the lock screen, subscribers will be much more likely to open messages from a saved contact, rather than a short code or unknown number. 

We recommend triggering messages to all new subscribers as soon as they opt-in to your mailing list, with a CTA to save your contact. For your existing subscribers, all you have to do is include this in your next campaign message. 

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