Travel & Hospitality

Stay Connected with your Travelling Customer​

Focus on customer preferences and provide a premium level of experience that is focused on their needs that can be as unique as their travel plans. Now you can use embedding verification, fraud detection, automated alerts, voice, video, and customer insights alongside every step of their journey. 

Travel & Hospitality Overview:

  • Reservations & bookings
  • Itinerary updates
  • Sales promotions & upgrades
  • Staff rostering
  • Emergency alerts
  • 2 factor authentication

Take Bookings Using Social Media

Enable customers to track booked flights, accommodations, and more through social media.

  • Keep customers updated and enhance their lifetime value
  • Elevate the travel experience with multimedia messaging
  • Engage customers at scale through SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more

Improve Customer Service using Social Media

Reach your travel customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

  • Improve engagement with customers who prefer real-time chat
  • Reduce support costs
  • Enhance your presence on platforms most important to your customers
  • Create rich, branded customer experiences

Prevent Fraud with Detection & Step-Up Verification

Detect possible fraud and trigger step-up authentication when needed

  • Prevent fraudulent transactions
  • Reduce customer friction
  • Ensure your customers are genuine
  • Integrate with Chatti Number Insight API and Verification API

Connect with Voice

Deliver critical, global travel alerts with Voice-to-Speech calls and In-App Voice calls.

  • Increase the chances of your alert being heard through persistent phone calls
  • Sync with a simple IVR application to acknowledge receipt
  • Enable a smarter contact centre
  • Review call recordings, analytics, and context

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