Video Gateway

Create richer customer experiences by building video into your apps using our Live Video API.

Sign up and receive 11,000 bonus Qantas Points when you spend $500 in the first 30 days.*

Video Gateway

Create richer customer experiences by building video into your apps using our Live Video API.

Sign up and receive 11,000 bonus Qantas Points when you spend $500 in the first 30 days.*

Bridge the connection gap
with video experiences

Our video gateway allows you to interact face to face with your customers imbedded directly into your web and mobile apps. This technology is changing the way we work in industries around the world. 

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The Leading Video Solution

See how our video API helps businesses like yours succeed.

Personalise the 
Customer Experience

Video provides personal interactions that many customers have come to expect in consultations, sales processes and customer service. Create more meaningful video conversations, lower physical interaction times and increased customer satisfaction with video.

Customer Service
Faster resolution times
Improved outcomes
Media & Entertainment
Increased fan engagement 
Financial Service
Improved satisfaction rate
Expanded reach
Field Service
Reduced operation costs

Global Reach with
Local Knowledge

Our video API allows you to bridge the technology gap from each corner of the globe. Plus, our worldwide compliance features keep you protected and provides peace of mind.

Capture Every

Our embedded API allows for powerful insights by capturing every moment of communication. Combine customer communication history with your application data for a deeper look into consumer analytics.

Embed Video

Our platform is compatible with both browser and in-app situations meaning no barrier to entry for users. Built with WebRTC, the leading real-time communication technology used across more than 1 billion devices, it is technology you can trust.

3 Qantas Points per $1 spent on video

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Get Started with up to 11,000 bonus points when you sign up with Chatti and spend $500 in the first 30 days.*

In Good Company

Businesses around the world trust our network to stay connected via Video.

Get Connected on the World’s
Most Advanced Video Gateway API

High-scale WebRTC

Reach up to 3000 viewers
in real-time

HLCS streaming

Reach unlimited audiences
with live steaming

RTMP streaming

Stream live sessions to
Facebook, YouTube, Twitch
and other platforms.

Why use Chatti?

Industry leading live video features

Our video features are the most advanced on the market, refined over many years to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Only pay per minute for what you use

Unlike our competitors, you only pay for what you use with our simple cost-per-minute pricing for video streaming and recording.


All voice, video and signaling traffic is AES-128 encrypted. Optionally, AES-256 encryption can be added.

Audio Fallback

Dynamically prioritize audio in response to network quality changes.

GDPR Compliance

Our Live Video API is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring customer privacy and peace of mind.


Standard Features

you (and your customers) will love

Reliable 100% uptime SLA Guarantee

Real-time broadcast monitor

Fast 24/7 support

Optional auto top-up

No hidden fees

Secure 256-bit SSL

100% delivery with Tier 1 networks

Access Detailed Reports

Credits never expire

Free automation services

Low credit warning

Access to robust API

Multiple Video Use Cases

Prepaid and postpaid option available

Screen Sharing

In-App Messaging

Voice Only Supported

Video Chat Embeds

Recording Capabilities

Advanced Features

you (and your customers) will love

Encrypted Recordings

Optionally, all video recordings can be AES-256 encrypted at rest as well as in transit to ensure deep security.

Regional Media Zones

Enterprises can maintain industry compliance standards by restricting media traffic to regional zones, such as the US, EU, Germany and Canada.

Audio Fallback

Dynamically prioritize audio in response to network quality changes.

China Relay

Improve connectivity with users in China, leveraging OpenTok infrastructure in China.

Firewall Traversal

Firewall Traversal Easily connect across corporate and enterprise firewalls with STUN/TURN included.

HIPAA Compliance

Our security features enable healthcare organizations to build HIPAA compliant applications, including receiving BAAs (additional service).

Advanced Firewall Control

Optional enterprise capabilities allow organizations to deploy their own servers for proxying through firewalls.

Loved by Developers, Built for Business

Build amazing experiences easily with Chatti. We help growing companies and agile enterprises reach 6 billion people in practically every country. See how we can work for you, in any language.

Another Customer Success Story

InTouch Health is a global health network that uses our Video API to provide optimal clinical care anytime, anywhere via Live Video.

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