SMS for Government

Reliable Omnichannel Communication at Scale

Cloud Communication has transformed how people connect on a day-to-day basis and it is transforming how your organisation can engage with an audience. Chatti provides an omnichannel platform from SMS to WhatsApp for Business with intelligent automation and targeting tools made to get real results.  

Government Overview:

Government agencies across all departments including health, planning, education and even justice are using Chatti’s technology for:

  • Bulk SMS notifications & updates
  • Appointment reminders
  • Rostering & shifts
  • Reducing administrative costs
  • Reducing call centre volumes and associated costs
  • Real-time automated communications
  • Voice & SMS polling
  • Text bots & AI for quick access to information
  • Emergency alerts & PSA
  • Omnichannel communications

Promotion of Your Programs

Omnichannel Communication Platform

Chatti is connected to the world’s largest SMS Gateway and with a 98% read rate, SMS remains the most effective form of communication. Chatti also provides easy access to other mass communication channels used by the public on a daily basis which includes email, social media, voice, video, AI with additional channels being added as they become available.

Save Time & Costs with Automated Communications

Save valuable time and let our platform handle incoming SMS messages by setting a condition that when met, automatically carries out a pre-set action.

For example, you could use our platform to create an automated household bin replacement program. The program would be promoted by inviting the public to text keywords such as “DAMAGED BIN” to a local phone number. An auto-reply would begin the process of arranging a bin replacement with a series of two-way texts. A Text-to-Speech call could then be scheduled to follow up the request to ensure successful completion.

Increased Public Satisfaction

Make Your Department Easily Accessible

Create an inbound texting number or WhatsApp for Business account that allows the public to report issues such as potholes, report noise complaints, illegal rubbish dumping, graffiti, or suspicious activities. This removes the requirement of having dedicated staff answering phones, create automated responses and link with email and directly to your CRM. The public prefers to use text over calling, so this will make it easy for them to connect with you.

Survey’s that get Noticed

Surveys are the best way to get feedback from your constituent to gather the feedback you need to improve your programs and services. SMS Surveys have a 750% higher response rate than email as they provide a non-intrusive approach to getting real feedback. The Chatti platform also provides response based automation which triggers depending on how someone responds. This level of survey gains a higher level of engagement.

Integrate Into Your Existing Systems

Our robust APIs are used by over 1 million developers across the globe and thousands of pre-built integrations have already been created using platforms such as Zapier. Chatti provides free integration for all large Enterprise and Government accounts with custom development available via our Chatti Create program. 

Enterprise Grade Platform

Scalable and Reliable

Chatti provides a scalable and reliable platform that you require whether you’re a local, state or federal government department. Our infrastructure is globally connected with local deployable options available.

Controlled Access

Our system provides the ability for you to control what access users have to specific features and information stores in the platform. For example, using role management, you can give a user access to certain features but limit access to other features depending on the level of access you grant them. Our security features allow you to seperate sensitive information such as department records by leveraging different data sets.

Service Like No Other

Our Senior Account Executives and leadership team have years of experience with providing services to Enterprise and Government departments. Our team are here to support you and to ensure that you execute your campaigns to get the best return on your investment as possible. Together, we will identify and solve challenges related to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the most out of the Chatti platform.

We understand the regulations and compliance requirements of our industry and have dedicated compliance specialist available to assist you with every step of the way.

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Support You Can Rely On

We provide expert support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team is here to answer questions, aid in the implementation of your programs and enhance communications within your business.

Local support for our global network, let’s talk.

Guaranteed Quality
Of Service (QoS)

Our promise to you is an unparalleled quality of service for all your communication needs. Our team of experts are always testing and fixing issues before you even know they exist.