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If there is one thing we can promise you, it’s that consumers are on their phones all day long. Whether it’s to socialise, listen to music, take a photo or find out directions, there is almost nothing that consumers won’t turn to their phone to do. 

Reaching out to your consumers via SMS is one way to guarantee that 98% of your audience view your message, but how can you ensure your messages feel personalised & timely?

Triggered Text Messaging. 

Triggered text messages are designed to be sent after your customers perform a specific action. For example, when they sign up to your marketing list, exit their cart or visit your website. These text messages are designed to be sent on their own, meaning there is little work involved for you!

The secret to getting triggered base messaging right is to think if you will actually be adding any value to your customers experience with your brand. Spamming your customers is one way to ensure your messages become pointless and your customers start opting out!

We’ve put together our favourite examples of how your brand can start implementing triggered text messaging to create valuable and engaging texts for your customers.

Abandoned Cart 

If your customers have left their cart full with products and not followed through with the purchase, give them a little reminder their cart is waiting for them when they’re ready. It’s no secret that customers like to browse multiple options before making their final decision which is why 75%  of carts are abandoned before customers finalise their purchase. If you’re failing to remind your customers about their cart, your missing the chance to recover otherwise lost revenue!

Welcome Message 

We believe this is the most important message you will send to your customers! It’s the first interaction they will have with your brand so it has to be memorable. Keep things simple with a  friendly message and a welcome discount to encourage them to make their first purchase. How you interact with your customers when they first decide to opt-in to your SMS marketing strategy is make or break for establishing a long-term relationship!

Post Purchase Message 

The conversation doesn’t have to end as soon as a purchase is made. Sending a message right after a customer has put through an order ensures your brand will stay at the top of their mind, even after they’ve exited your website. Again, keep things simple with a short thank you message and ask them to leave a review, join your loyalty program or post their purchase on social media.

Want to learn more about how triggered text messaging will help your brand see results? Talk to one of our Chatti experts here today & start your free trial.  

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