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We’re partnered with Vonage to create Chatti Messaging Gateway; a solution to make social messaging easier than ever before. With Whatsapp, Facebook & Viber becoming some of the most powerful messaging platforms in the world, there are endless opportunities for businesses to reach their customers via the channels they use each and every day. 

Chatti Messaging Gateway

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about including social messaging into your marketing strategy and with Chatti Messaging Gateway, we’re able to hide the complexity of hosting and scaling software so you can focus on elevating customer experiences. 

Social media platforms act as the perfect tool to offer accessible customer service options, increase visibility and remind your customers of current promotion you’re running. Additionally, if you have a global customer base, you’ll find it easy to strengthen those international relationships without spending excessive money and time. 

The Chatti Messaging Gateway allows you to send your customers the information they need to stay connected and engaged with your brand using multimedia content such as: 

  • QR Codes
  • Images
  • Video Recordings 
  • Audio Messages 
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Geo Fencing 
  • Mapping Directions
  • Location Sharing 

Whatever the method may be that you choose, social messaging provides you with the ability to have a more engaging relationship with your customer by introducing an interaction that is like no other. If you’re not using social platforms to reach your customers – you can bet your competitors will be.

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