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If you’re not voice messaging, you’re missing out. Although SMS marketing has taken the lead in recent years when it comes to communicating with your customers, audio-based messaging continues to thrive. It’s one of the most underrated forms of communication with utmost potential.

Voice messaging is time-efficient, effective and conversational – a great way to communicate in an informal way. Consumers want to feel connected to the brands they love & shop with on a personal level & voice messaging provides an opportunity to instant message in a more intimate & convenient way.

Now we’re not saying that voice messaging should replace all video calls, emails & text messages. Voice messaging works best when used in conjunction with other forms of communication & we are a big advocate for saving it for special (& critical) messages, otherwise you are potentially presented with the risk of oversharing with your customers and saturating the power of its intimacy.

At Chatti, our Voice SMS Gateway and Voice services, help you innovate, streamline and scale with flexible capabilities. All services function on our reliable and high-quality global leading carrier Vonage network.

Get ready to turn phone calls into opportunities and see how our text-to-speech service and Voice API Gateway helps businesses like yours to succeed!


It’s harder to avoid a phone that is constantly ringing compared to an email or text message. Prompt your customers to pick up the phone for messages that matter & critical alerts such as delayed flights, appointment reminders and local alerts. If your message is important you can use a simple IVR application to enable the recipient to acknowledge they received your message.


Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is the industry standard for keeping your customers accounts safe & secure. 2FA by voice improves security as customers enter their pin via voice or SMS each time they log in.


Get the information your brand needs by asking customers questions via voice and having them answer via the touch-tone keypad. This takes collecting customer feedback to a whole new level!

You do really get the best of both worlds with voice messaging, it’s a lot less awkward than Face Timing but more intimate than text messaging. If you’re ready to start the journey to communicating with your customers in a way that makes a difference, chat to one of our Chatti Experts & try your Free Trial today.

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