Leading Retailers Are Saying Goodbye To Paper & Saying Hello To SMS

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The switch to a paperless retailer system has been a slow integration for quite some time.

Retailers started providing the option of whether or not you wanted a physical receipt, then came the option to have it emailed to you rather than printed and now, leading retailers are sending receipts via SMS.

This creates a seamless system for customers who can now pay for their goods within seconds, via tap and go, as well as have the receipt store on their phone – great if you tend to lose your physical receipts, and no more faded receipts stashed in your wallet!

Not only does the transaction (& potential return) process become easier for retailers and customers, the environmental factors are huge as well. Most receipts are printed on thermal paper which isn’t recyclable and ends up in landfills. Customers are generally in favour of any move that supports the environment so it won’t be long until they are expecting receipts via SMS to be the new norm.

Some of Australia’s largest retailers are spending over $200,000 per year on receipt roles alone, so not only does this move create convenience and lessen the impact on the environment, but it also provides an opportunity for businesses to cut unnecessary costs and put their money towards projects that will make an impact on their future.

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