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You’ve taken the plunge & started incorporating SMS Marketing into your marketing strategy for 2022, but now what? How do you actually get your customers to hand over their mobile numbers? 

Growing your subscriber list is perhaps the most important step when it comes to SMS Marketing in order for your campaign to succeed. From email to social media and SMS, growing any following or list can seem like a challenge at first but with the right strategy in place you can set your brand up for maximum success and drive the ROI. 

With our top five tips below, you’ll be able to grow your subscriber list and drive awareness for your campaigns in no time. 

Capture Website Traffic By Using Pop-Ups 

You’re already driving traffic to your website via paid and organic marketing, so take advantage of this and capitalise on your web traffic with perfectly timed pop-ups. 

Analyse your web traffic before setting your pop-ups live to determine when will be the best time for them to appear. If you set your pop up too early, you risk it being distracting for your customers but you need to show them your pop-up before they leave your site.

By setting pop-ups based on user’s behaviours your brand will be able to create a memorable impression and high converting opt-in method. 

Tip: An incentive to sign up always helps! Ie. “Download your 2022 SMS Calendar” for free! You’ve captured data for free and your users are receiving something also!

Optimise Your Checkout

Filling out your personal details is a natural step when checking out, customers are usually already putting in their mobile number, so simply include a check box that gives them the opportunity to opt-in to your SMS updates.

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to collect your customers details, so don’t look past it! 

Launch Your SMS Acquisition Strategy Across Multiple Channels  

Your mobile & desktop website should be the hub for driving signups but this doesn’t mean you should neglect your other platforms and channels. Social Media and EDM’s can (& should be) used to encourage people to opt in to your other marketing channels. 

Although your EDM & SMS subscriber list should be treated separately, this doesn’t mean you can’t build them both in tandem. Chatti’s email templates & customisable designs allow you to include trackable links so you know just how many email subscribers have also opted-in to your SMS marketing list. 

Your social media channels are also the perfect place to be capturing customers’ details. By using the ‘link’ feature on Instagram stories you can easily prompt people to click through to your SMS signup page. 

Offer Incentives To Encourage Sign-Ups 

It’s no secret that offers and incentives are one way to easily get your customer’s attention. In fact, research shows that it is one of the most effective ways of getting customers to opt-in to your marketing subscriber list. Plus, users who receive benefits are more likely to stay opted-in. 

 If giving out discounts doesn’t align with your brand values, highlight the benefits that come with signing up to receive SMS marketing notifications such as exclusive offers, VIP access to new releases and loyalty programs. 

Create Visually Appealing & High Converting Pop-Ups 

Bright, fun & on-brand visuals are what captures the attention of your customers. The process should also be easy for your customers and require them to put in as little effort as possible. As we mentioned earlier, you can build your SMS & EDM subscriber list in tandem so don’t be afraid to ask for your customer’s email address in this process too. 

Are you ready to implement these strategies and texting your SMS subscriber list? Chat to one of our Chatti Experts today and start your free trial!

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