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At Chatti, we specialise in connecting businesses with their customers across the most advanced communication channels. Whether it’s through SMS, E-Mail, or notifications, Chatti has a service that is suitable for every business. In 2016, Youfooz began to utilise Chatti’s custom development services – Chatti Create, allowing them to become Australia’s number one meal delivery service.


Founded in 2012 by Lance Gilles, Youfoodz is a Brisbane-based food delivery service helping Australians change the way they think about (healthy) pre-prepared meals one bite at a time. Through supporting local farmers, Youfoodz ensures the quality, flavour and freshness of their ingredients isn’t compromised. They fundamentally believe all Aussies deserve access to affordable, fresh ready-made meals and they’re trying to make it as easy as possible to purchase their products which is why they can be delivered straight to your door or found at 4000+ stockists around the nation.


Custom Cloud Integration & SMS Notifications

When Lance noticed Youfoodz growing at a rapid rate, he knew it was time to change the way they communicated with their customers in order to create a seamless delivery process. Youfoodz took full advantage of Chatti’s custom development service, Chatti Create, in order to create a custom integration linking Youfoodz CRM and their cloud logistics software. This changed the game for Youfoodz by providing customers with a time frame window on the day of delivery and real-time SMS updates, meaning no deliveries are missed or returned!


Chatti provides Youfoodz with a 100% SMS Delivery guarantee for the update of each meal delivery and live updates from their customer support team. Integrating Chatti’s custom development service allows for a seamless delivery process and helps eliminate the risk of customers missing their delivery!

Ready to get started? Enjoy a free consultation with our experts for complex scenarios including two-way syncing, integration from multiple platforms and custom development.

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