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The festive season is here which means retailers all around the world are competing for consumers attention. Christmas is undoubtedly one of the biggest holidays of the year so it’s crucial to get your competitive edge on to make sure you’re cutting through the noise and maximising potential sales. Now is the time to start taking advantage of the chaos and using the power of SMS to reach your customers.

Here are our top five tips for creating a Christmas SMS campaign that will help you get the results you’re after!

1. Create Anticipation With A Countdown

Get your customers excited with a countdown to your Christmas sales or exclusive holiday product launch. Creating a drip countdown taps into consumers fear of missing out and creates a sense of urgency, therefore, boosting sales.

Chatti SMS: Hey (insert customer name)! Not to be dramatic but our Christmas holiday range is launching tomorrow! Have you signed up to receive your exclusive discount? Hurry, this offer won’t last long! (insert link)

2. Announce Holiday Giveaways

Giveaways can generate a massive amount of engagement and most people love to enter, even if the prize is small. To make it relevant to the festive season, create a holiday-themed giveaway and announce it via SMS.

Chatti SMS: Hey (insert customer name)! Santa has come to town early with our Christmas giveaway. Enter via the link below for your chance to win (insert prize & link)!

3. Share Exclusive VIP Offers

Reward your customers and show them some love and appreciation for the year it has been by treating them like VIPs and giving them access to exclusive Christmas offers and deals. The Christmas period can get quite expensive for customers so they are often looking for sales to take advantage of. Exclusive offers are extremely attractive to customers and help to boost customer loyalty!

Chatti SMS: Hey (insert customer name)! The festive season is here and we wanted to say thank you for being one of our most loyal customers. Click the link below to see your exclusive discount. Hurry, this offer won’t last long!

4. Send Order Tracking Links

Nobody likes to be sitting around wondering where their parcel is, especially at this time of year! Give customers the option to opt-in for SMS notifications at the checkout for when their order has been packed, shipped and delivered. This is a great opportunity to make life a little easier for your customers around this time of year and create a lasting impression. Plus, it will eliminate the need for customers having to email your customer service team inquiring about the status of their order!

Chatti SMS: Your order from (insert company name) has been shipped! Click the link below to track your order.

5. Promote Extended Trading Hours

If your store is staying open later during the Christmas period then encourage your customers who need to do some last-minute shopping to come in to store. Not only will this encourage last-minute shoppers to pop by but it will also ensure you don’t miss out on potential sales.

Chatti SMS: Need to do some last-minute shopping? Our extended trading hours are here and we’re open until (insert closing time) every night this week!

If you haven’t started creating your Christmas SMS campaign yet, don’t worry it’s not too late. Customer activity doesn’t end at Christmas, most people continue to shop in the weeks after Christmas, especially if they’re on the hunt for Christmas and New Years’ sales so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get ahead of your competition.

Get the festivities started and chat with a Chatti Expert to get your Christmas campaign up and running!

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