SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing: Which Is More Effective?

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SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing

If you work in the marketing industry, you will know by now that there is no shortage of digital channels to reach your customers. With SMS & Email Marketing being two of the most competitive and personalised strategies on the rise, you’re bound to have asked yourself “which one is the most effective?”

Ultimately, your marketing budget will be determined by your ROI, so picking the right one for your business isn’t a decision to be made lightly. However, with ever-changing customer preferences and marketing tools, it can be confusing at times.

Let’s compare the different channels to see which one is right for you.

The Facts & Stats

We live in a distracting world where grabbing the attention of your consumers can seem impossible at times. However, consumers have their phones within arm’s reach for most of their day meaning SMS marketing is one way to easily reach them. With SMS open rates reaching as high as 98% compared to emails which fall at 20%, it’s no surprise that this form of marketing is becoming increasingly popular.

Did we mention that it takes the average person 90 seconds to respond to a text message & 90 minutes to respond to an email?

This isn’t to say email marketing is dead. There is a time & a place where it is suited. However, if you’re wanting to cut through the noise & reach your audience with confidence, SMS marketing can help you do just that.

The Differences

A major difference between SMS and Email is the way you interact with your audience and the type of content you include. Due to the difference in length, SMS tends to be short and sweet whereas emails give you the opportunity to discuss multiple concepts and include additional content. When it comes to cost, it heavily depends on the length & amount of text messages or emails sent. With SMS marketing, you rest assured knowing that you won’t be paying any setup or monthly fees.

The Challenges

Believe it or not, getting emails to land in your audience’s inbox is one of the most difficult challenges, with 50% of emails ending up in spam folders. The number of emails the average person receives daily also means a large amount of them often get deleted without even being opened.

SMS Marketing doesn’t quite face the same challenges as we’ve already discussed the open rates are far higher. Text messages do have a 160-character limit; however, this just means your message is simple and straight to the point – just the way consumers like it!

Chatti’s 100% SMS Delivery Guarantee

At Chatti, our SMS Gateway has sent over 13b messages, with a total 100% SMS delivery guarantee and a whopping 98% open rate – our messages work and land straight into customer’s pockets, no questions asked. Home to the world’s largest bulk SMS to comprehensive voice API technology, it’s no brainer some of the most trusted brands in the world rely on our technology!

What’s the verdict?

There is no easy solution when it comes to picking which form of digital marketing is right for your business and a lot of the time, they work best when used together. If you already use email marketing, why not attach a virtual number to prompt consumers to interact with you via that platform? Similarly, you can send a text message to your consumers with a link to sign up to your email. Getting creative with your tactics means that your chance of reaching your target audience will only be increased.

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