How SMS Notifications & Marketing Can Help During COVID-19

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SMS Notification & Marketing during Covid-19

Covid-19 has drastically changed the way that businesses operate and has forced us into becoming a ‘contactless’ world. The pressure is on for marketers to find new ways to reach their audiences & encourage purchases since there is no ‘business as usual’. With mobile phone usage continuously increasing since the pandemic started, now is the perfect time for businesses to take advantage of SMS Messaging.

Regardless of what industry you are in, Bulk SMS is a cost-effective way of engaging with your consumers during these unknown times. Let’s see how Chatti can help you engage with customers across the world!


Retail has slowly been transforming over the last decade, with e-commerce being a major impact – after the pandemic fuelled the shift to online shopping even more and triggered a massive shift in consumer purchasing behaviour. Now is the time for brick & mortar stores to start promoting driving traffic to their e-commerce sites!

Here’s how retailers can use SMS Messaging:

  • Alert staff of changes to rosters
  • Notify customers of click and collect offerings
  • Promote online website & sales
  • Notify customers of re-opening hours
  • Offer discounts to loyal customers


Arguably hit the hardest by the pandemic, the hospitality industry is still bearing the brunt of the ever-changing regulations. Businesses have been forced to change the way they operate numerous times. Rather than individually letting staff & patrons know when regulations have been changed, use Bulk SMS to send out streamlined messages whenever you may need.

Here’s how the hospitality businesses can use SMS Messaging:

  • Alert patrons to emergency changes
  • Notify staff of re-opening, changes to access and operating hours.
  • Promote delivery & takeaway options
  • Allow customers to text in orders
  • Alert patrons of seating options & restricted operating regulations (e.g. mask & no dancing)


Since COVID-19 has hit, home & virtual workouts have become the new norm. However, fitness fanatics have been left itching to get back to a real gym. Cater to your clientele by offering them links to online workouts & letting them be the first to know when you’re opening back up.

Here’s how the fitness industry can use SMS Messaging:

  • New safety & cleaning precautions
  • Limited class size warning
  • Equipment time reservations & class bookings
  • Virtual workout class link
  • Gym reopening announcement


‘The Lipstick Effect’ has proved that people still want to treat themselves, even during a crisis. However, this doesn’t help those operating in the beauty sector deal with the mammoth job of canceling & rebooking clients each time restrictions are changed.

Here’s how the beauty industry can use SMS Messaging:

  • Rebooking notification & waitlist link
  • Reopening notification
  • Booking confirmation & reminders
  • Updated trading hours
  • Restricted services announcement

You get what we’re saying, SMS Marketing can help any business communicate efficiently and effectively during these times where flexibility is essential. It’s time for businesses to start adapting to the changes caused by COVD-19 and incorporate SMS into their marketing strategies.

Chatti provides everything you need to get closer to your customers, so let us help you during these unprecedented times. Start your free trial here today!

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