Increase Your SMS Conversions on Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

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Take your SMS channel to the next level this Black Friday and Cyber Monday by incorporating these holiday marketing tips to ensure you capture your subscribers’ attention, while also keeping them engaged beyond the holiday season.

Grow An SMS Subscriber List with Exclusive Black Friday Offers

In the e-Commerce world, Black Friday sales are not limited to just Black Friday, with many brands beginning their sales earlier and earlier each year.

Create an exclusive “hype list” encouraging sign ups to your SMS database prior to Black Friday sales kicking off. Once a customer has opted-in, brands can automatically send a triggered welcome text with a unique coupon code.

This selected group of SMS subscribers will be able to access the best promotions before anyone else, and the extra coupon code will help convert customers who were potentially sitting on the fence.

Reward Your Existing Database

Brands can also reward their existing SMS database with early access to their Black Friday sale.

With an influx of orders around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, early access can surprise and delight your existing database and ensure their orders arrive on time, simply by allowing them to shop before anyone else.

This will be sure to make your current subscribers feel like VIPs, increasing conversion and brand loyalty.

Engage With Your Customers at The Important Moments

Black Friday and Cyber Monday make for the perfect opportunity to send out automated cart abandonment messages, to re-engage potential customers.

These triggered messages help capture potential lost revenue, but also makes subscribers feel more connected to the brand and can help tip them over the edge during the buying process.

Try personalising your messages and links to help subscribers pick up right where they left off – an easy and seamless way to continue shopping.

Drive Last Minute Revenue with Timely Updates

Send a final reminder to your SMS subscribers on Cyber Monday. Make the experience a lot more seamless by creating a “curated gift shop” with gift ideas as well as a limited time discount.

Craft these lists and gift guides based on your customer’s preferences or demographic to personalise your SMS’ even further!

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday period is the perfect opportunity to grow your subscriber list, build engaging and interactive shopping experiences, grow customer loyalty, and build on customer retention.

By incorporating these SMS strategies, brands will not only gain immediate revenue over the weekend, but also help build a stronger communication channel and engagement to drive sales all year round.

It’s not too late to join the Chatti family and get started on your SMS journey!

Contact us to start your complimentary demo and be rewarded with Qantas Points when you sign up!

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