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With 52% of consumers preferring SMS over other methods of communication, it’s important to keep your SMS strategy, and overall copywriting, on point.

SMS is a great communication channel in terms of speed of consumption and penetration, meaning SMS enables brands to share important information about their services or products, with a higher likelihood to be consumed faster than other methods.

But how do you ensure your text messages are effective? How can you make the most of the 160 characters available? Scroll on to read our useful tips to improve your SMS copy and assist with developing an SMS campaign that will ensure maximum cut-through.

Keep Language Clear and Simple

Sounds simple and concise, however, when it comes to writing a professional SMS, less is definitely better.

Take these two examples:

“Register with our App and receive 15% OFF the next time you make a purchase. To take advantage of this offer, click on the link below now.”


“Take 15% OFF your next order when you sign up to our app! Offer expires 30th Oct 2022. Click here to join now.”

While the first SMS may sound fine, the bottom is far more succinct, concise, and gets to the point in fewer words.

So, less is always more, swapping big words for bite-sized chunks of information.

Avoid Using Confusing Words

While this may sound simple, it’s best to assume not all customers can interpret acronyms or understand certain abbreviations.

Avoid using acronyms and shortening words where possible.

For example:

“Book an apt with us by Sat & be rewarded with 10% OFF”


“Book your apartment by Saturday & enjoy 10% OFF”

It’s important to use language that is universally understood by everyone.

Incorporate Emojis In Your Copy

When words fail, emojis speak. Emojis are highly effective at expressing emotions – don’t be afraid to include these in your SMS copy!

According to the 2021 Global Emoji Trend Report, by Adobe, 42% of people are likely to purchase products that are promoted using emojis.

When adding emojis to your SMS, your brand will appear more human, trustworthy, and authentic.

However, it’s important to use emojis that make sense with your copy, while also avoiding emojis that could be offensive to the market you’re targeting. Emojis also use multiple characters, so note this when you’re composing your message.

Use CAPS wisely.

It’s evident, there’s no other way to bold or emphasise important words other than putting them in CAPITALS. Therefore, it’s important to capitalise words that you would like to stand out, such as “SALE” or “FREE SHIPPING.”

Don’t overdo it – too many capitals will look like you are shouting and the words you want to stand out, will no longer do so!

Personalise Your SMS

With the appropriate SMS provider (Chatti, of course), brands will be able to personalise messages.

This can assist with engaging your reader – by addressing them by their first name, you are psychologically breaking down the impersonal barrier, and accommodating trust subconsciously.

Through the Chatti platform, it’s simple to include the names of customers from your database. Contact the Chatti Team for extra support on personalisation!

Use A Strong Call-To-action

Be sure to include a call to action to prompt your customers on what to do next. Keep it short and sweet with a sense of urgency. We suggest including it at the end of your SMS as a final instruction.

Some examples you could use are:

“Shop Now”

“Join Now”

“Don’t Miss Out!”

“Limited Time Only”

“Be Quick”

“24HOURS Only.” 

Segment Your Customer Database

Not everyone wants to receive every single text message your brand sends out. Replace “annoying” or “irrelevant” text messages for offers your customer base will be interested in.

Segment your customers into categories depending on your business.

Hair Salon: Segment your clients in categories of cuts or colours or both.

Vet: Segment your clients into groups of what kind of pet they own.

Beauty: Segment your clients in categories of what treatments they prefer.  

Essentially, SMS’ that deliver value to the customer are leaps and bounds more effective than those which are not relevant.

Always include an opt-out

It sounds counter-intuitive, however, it’s important to always make it clear to your customers that they can opt-out of receiving contact from you at any time.

Using an easy opt-out system will safeguard your business and brand reputation, saving you time and money!


“Thanks for signing up to CoWork! Here’s 10% off your next meeting room booking. If you do not want to hear from us, reply STOP.”

Keep it open-ended to avoid adding pressure to your customer. They have a choice to reply STOP if they wish.

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