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Conversational SMS Marketing

With engagement and open rates being the highest among communication channels, SMS Marketing has quickly become an essential tool for most marketers. People use their phones to have real-time conversations with their friends & family each and every day & if you’re a brand sliding into your customer’s text messages, it’s just as important to keep that conversation a two-way channel. 

Traditional SMS Marketing can often look like blasting the same message to your entire subscriber list, however, we believe SMS marketing should be conversational. Your customers don’t want to be receiving the same generic messages over and over again, nor will they want to engage with the messages you’re sending. 

Customers are savvier than ever and with a variety of information available at their fingertips, reaching out to brands via email and having to wait days for a response doesn’t cut it anymore. Your customers expect you to be ready to respond to them when they’re on your website, about to make a purchase or browsing your social media. 

To help you understand the different ways you can use conversational SMS marketing, we’ve put together a few ideas below:

Cart Abandonment 

This is one of the biggest challenges for online brands around the world. When your customers fill up their carts and decide to leave your site, it’s lost revenue that you should at least attempt to get back. One way to do this is by engaging with your customers and finding out why they didn’t go ahead with their purchase or simply send them a unique link back to their shopping cart with an applied discount!

Product Recommendations 

When customers are hesitant to purchase a product they’ve had their eye on for a while, it’s usually because of the finer details. Shipping costs may be too high, they can’t find the product in their size or they can’t find the exact product they were after.

When customers can’t find the answers to their questions on your website or social media pages, it’s no surprise that they choose to abandon their carts. Therefore, text messaging has the ability to finalise purchases that would otherwise have been abandoned by helping your customers navigate through any questions which are stopping them from making a purchase. Think of it as becoming your customer’s personal shopping assistant!

New Product Announcement 

So, you’re about to launch a new product, who better to tell first than the people who already trust your brand enough to have signed up to your SMS campaigns. This gives your customers the chance to ask any questions they have about your new launch straight off the bat. When launch day comes around your customers can feel confident going ahead with their purchases! 

We believe more personalization means more connection which is why we allow you to personalise your communication on the channels of your choice by tailoring your messages, scheduling and quantities to meet the needs of your campaign. Chat to a Chatti expert here today and start your Free Trial

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