5 Ways To Increase Your Sales With SMS Marketing 

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Increase Sales with SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular marketing strategies & there is a number of compelling reasons why. With the population spending more time on their phone than ever before, it makes sense to reach your customers using this channel. That being said, if you’re not using the right strategies, you might be missing out on potential customers & sales!

If you’re thinking of including SMS into your marketing strategy? Here are 5 our favourite ways to increase sales using the power of text messages:

Share Exclusive Discounts 

One way to get your customers faster to your sight than ever before is to include an offer they can’t resist. Now, we don’t suggest handing out discounts left, right & centre but instead offering an exclusive discount around special times of the year. Think birthdays, holidays & of course, Black Friday. Get personal with your discounts to really make your customers feel like a VIP which in turn will boost customer loyalty & reinforce the value of your SMS channel. 

Provide Tracking Updates

We can all agree that there is nothing more frustrating than not receiving your order on time & having no idea where it is! Touch base with your customers when it matters the most & let them know the details of their order from when its left the warehouse & it’s on route to when it has been delivered. Making the process easy & reliable for your customers, even after they’ve made their purchase is what will keep them shopping with your brand over & over again.  

Create A Two-Way Channel 

SMS was built to be a two-way conversation but more often than not there is the misconception that SMS marketing is a one-way channel. Incorporating customer service into your SMS strategy and allowing your customers to directly contact you is one way to unleash the full potential of SMS marketing & encourage your customers to engage with your brand. Your customers can tell the difference between an automated message & a personal interaction so taking a two-way approach to SMS can drive serious results for your business. Your customers don’t just expect fast delivery, they want the entire ordering process (including customer service) to happen as soon as possible. If your customers need to go through a series of emails to get an answer to their question, there is a good chance they won’t have the time or patience to wait which is when you will see bad reviews beginning to flow through.

Always Include A CTA

We’ve said this before & we’ll say it again, without a CTA your customers won’t know what to do next! While it might seem obvious to you what the next steps to take are, we can guarantee it won’t to your customers. Whether you want them to shop your exclusive sale or enter your latest competition, make sure you always include a closing line prompting them to do that!

Create A Sense of Urgency 

Including simple phrases such as ‘limited time only’ or ‘until stock lasts’ is one way to nudge your customers to make a purchase before they miss out. Creating a sense of urgency will make your customers feel like they need to take immediate action. The results? More sales for your brand! 

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