GETT is a global ride-sharing company throughout multiple countries utilizing our SMS API and Voice API Gateways.

Grab is a leading ride-hailing company in 34 cities across Southeast Asia and provides a wide range of services through their mobile app, and uses a customer notification user verification process with scaling operational SMS and Voice messages. The company’s mission is to provide a safe and easily accessible transportation platform with the ability to scale user communications and verifications. Geographically, cloud communications were initially a challenge for this company due to non-reliable carrier infrastructures, however this partnership overcame this through providing access to a worldwide carrier network and adaptive routing algorithm.

When new users register an account, a phone number verification code is delivered by SMS and once this code is entered into the app, all the features are able to be accessed.

To communicate with users during the booking process, Grab uses our SMS Gateway API to roll out transactional and operational notifications, including booking, cancellation, and route change updates. SMS is used to increase user retention and engagement through localised mobile marketing campaigns.