Laser Clinics Australia

Laser Clinics Australia recently made the switch to Chatti. “Chatti provides stronger delivery rates and speed to all our customers across our markets; Australia, New Zealand & UK”

Global Marketing Director, Louise Chamberlain.

With a loyal customer base and rapidly growing to over 150 clinics across Australia and New Zealand. Over the last four years alone, Australia’s cosmetic industry has grown rapidly, with 51% of all Australian women purchasing cosmetic products and procedures in an average six months.

Due to this rapid customer growth and demand for procedures, Laser Clinic needed to digitally transition to more global platforms to reach customers in an effective way, while also providing larger accessibility. As of 2019, Laser Clinics Australia has partnered with Chatti to provide SMS marketing and notification to their customers.

By utilising Chatti solutions, Laser Clinics has noted faster SMS delivery times per second and a higher delivery success rate to their data base. Chatti provides Laser Clinics access to our Omnichannel platform Chattabox which provides SMS and Voice capabilities.

Laser Clinics is the fastest growing aesthetics company in the world and utilises Chatti’s platforms for marketing and operations. This includes the SMS Gateway API for all notifications to reach customers across Australia, New Zealand and soon the United Kingdom. This partnership has lead to increased SMS delivery rates and higher conversions for the company.