Logistics giant Aramex uses the WhatApp Business solution through the Message API to increase the speed of their delivery process and enhance customer experience. Within the first six months of implementing WhatsApp, Aramex had reached more than one million customers and found 41% of shipment enquiries being process via WhatsApp.

The growth of digital transition has been most significant in global logistics and transportation companies by providing streamlined logistics processes, increased customer satisfaction, higher productivity and innovative business models.

Specifically, for the last thirty five years Aramex has been a leader and innovator in logistics and transportation solutions operating in 65 countries with over 16,000 employees. 

New, advanced technology-enabled solutions are at the heart of the digital transformation for Aramax.

Our gateway partners provide this service through the Messages API and provide Aramex the choice of SMS, MMS, the WhatsApp Business solution, Facebook Messenger, Viber and more. The WhatsApp Business solution provides customers with a messaging channel with functions such as ‘find the nearest Aramex location’, ‘track and trace’ and ‘on-demand shipment notifications’. Companies such as Aramex need to make sure that their technology platforms enable the highest level of efficiency.