Why SMS Is The Key To Your Holiday Marketing

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2022 is coming to an end and the holiday season is only weeks away… yes, you read that correctly, the holiday season is only WEEKS away. 

That means that your customers are preparing to begin their Christmas shopping and it is your job to make their experience as easy and convenient as possible.

Most consumers use a combination of in-store and online shopping to tackle their Christmas gifting and to make their entire experience as convenient as possible. This provides the best of both worlds, as shopping in-store allows them to see the physical product while shopping online allows them to discover new trends, deals and a wider range of products.

Creating a cohesive experience for your customers online and in person can be tricky. So, introducing SMS as part of your marketing strategy over the holiday season will ensure that you’re targeting both your digital and physical customers while they’re the most engaged, so that they’re receiving the best of your brand, no matter how they’re shopping with you.

Keep reading to find out why SMS is essential to your holiday marketing strategy. 

Target Customers Online & In-Store

As we mentioned earlier, your customers are going to be using a combination of in-store and online shopping. Launching your sign-up list online & offline is a great way to grow your SMS subscriber list and ensures you’re capturing both types of shoppers when they are engaged. Your mobile and desktop sites will be the foundation for your online growth strategy while checkouts, dressing rooms and the sales floor will grab your customers attention while they’re shopping in-store. 

The result? More subscribers, more conversions, and an increase in sales at one of the busiest times of the year!

Personalise Shopping Experiences

If you’re a frequent reader of the Chatti blogs, you would’ve heard us mention personalisation before. It is the key to creating a shopping experience your customers won’t forget, which will leave your brand at the forefront of their minds the next time they need to make a purchase. Personalisation doesn’t just make your customer feel like a VIP, it also makes their shopping far more convenient, which is a major win for anyone around this time of the year. 

In-store shoppers will have the opportunity to naturally discover new products and real-time recommendations. SMS allows you to recreate the same experience for your online shoppers by sending personalised gift guides, recommendations, and other notifications. This is where you can show what makes your brand special and push those limited-edition products you have coming in for the holiday season. Delivering the same experience online will drive your e-commerce revenue and allow you to facilitate a memorable time for your customers.

Enhance Customer Service

The end of the year is by far one of the most stressful times – for both customers and businesses. Shoppers are wanting more products, delivered at a faster rate and purchased for a better price. Naturally, with both parties feeling the pressure, things tend to go wrong that aren’t always in your control. Perhaps a parcel didn’t arrive in time, a product may be missing from their order or your customer may just have a burning question they need to ask. Whatever the issue may be, emailing backwards and forwards is one of the slowest (and most frustrating) ways to resolve it.

SMS customer service is fast, convenient and one of the best on-demand solutions for your brand.

Ready to take your holiday marketing strategy to the next level? Chat with one of our Chatti Experts and start your Free Trial today.

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