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The beauty industry is worth over $6 billion dollars in Australia and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With the help of SMS Marketing, beauty businesses can keep up with the demand and ensure that their customer retention, profits and reputation are all skyrocketing.

Want to know more? Let’s see how SMS Marketing is changing the game for the beauty industry.


If you work in the beauty industry, you would know that missed appointments are one of the main reasons for a disorganised day, not to mention revenue loss.  SMS Marketing allows you to send appointment reminders 48 hours beforehand, so people don’t forget and if they need to cancel you’re still giving them an appropriate time frame to do so.

SMS Marketing also allows you to fill cancellations at the last minute by sending an SMS to customers who are on waiting lists. So, you easily have your appointments filled and your customers don’t miss out – it’s a win-win for everybody!


Think of SMS Marketing as the ultimate focus group for your business.

Want to know what worked for your clients and what didn’t? Or perhaps what new treatments and products they’re wanting to see offered? SMS Marketing creates two way dialogue. It also allows customers to have real-time conversations with the businesses they love and use and there’s no better way to understand your target market than that.

Sending out a message within 24 hours of a purchase or appointment ensures that the customer’s experience interacting with your business is still front of mind.

To encourage customers to leave feedback, offer a discount code for future interactions with your business. Bonus points if it doesn’t have an expiry date, your customers won’t appreciate being forced to make another purchase within a week.


EOFY Promotion? Christmas Sales? Black Friday Events?

Whatever it may be, there’s no better way to let your customers know than directly to their mobile. Combining SMS Marketing with a personalised discount code can promote trust, loyalty and build brand recognition.

Chatti suggests sparking up a conversation to see exactly what your customers need and using a discount code to help incentivize them to revisit your website. They might need help finalising a special purchase or free shipping and a quick conversation paired with a cheeky discount code can help path the purchase pathway.

We believe conservational marketing is one of the best ways to create mutually beneficial relationships and inspire customer loyalty and retention. So, if you’re not already familiar with SMS marketing, ask us about a free trial today.


Personalisation is key to making your customers feel important and creating a loyal customer base. Customers do not see value in receiving the same text message that has been sent to thousands of other people and that offers absolutely no value. This is one way to see customer unsubscribe requests increase at a rapid rate.

Instead, offer personalisation through two-way communication and focus on the value that is provided throughout each message. You’ll find this even easier with Chatti as we are able to send automated responses based on keywords and segment your contact list based on behaviour and past purchase history.

The more you provide a unique experience and help your customer throughout their interactions with your business, the more you will have customers returning again and again.


Laser Clinics Australia has partnered with Chatti in order to provide stronger delivery rates and speed to their customers across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. With a rapidly growing customer base and the demand for procedures not slowing down anytime soon, it was important that Laser Clinics transitioned to a more global platform to help reach customers effectively. 

With the help of Chatti, Laser Clinics has noted a higher delivery success rate to their database along with faster SMS delivery times per second. Our partnership with LCA has led to a higher conversion rate for the company – exactly what we like to hear! 

Getting started is as simple as speaking to one of our Chatti experts, anytime, anywhere. So what are you waiting for?

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