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Go Further with Text-To-Speech

You can speak to customers all over the world, by localising your communication to their native language. Either integrate the Chatti Text-To-Speech API with your business systems or convert your text messages to voice with a few clicks using our online platform, Chattabox.

It’s harder to ignore a persistently ringing phone than a text or push notification. Using a voice call to deliver a critical alert about a cancelled flight, an early school closing, appointment reminder or even a local emergency alert – Our Text-To-Speech service increases the likelihood of your message being heard.

The receipts phone (mobile or landline) will ring and once the receipt has answered your message will be played. Add a simple IVR for responses such as, press 1 to confirm or 2 to be transferred to a representative. Once your message is complete, the phone call is ended. 

Our reporting will give you real-time insights to who took the call and who didn’t. Text-To-Speech has many use cases from phone polling, political messaging, emergency notices, community notices, general information, payment reminders and many more. Text-To-Speech is yet another example of how Chatti is providing businesses with the latest communication methods to innovate how we connect.

Some of the great features of Text-To-Speech with Chatti:

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)

Programmatically control the pronunciation of text, including punctuation, pausing, emphasis, volume, pitch, rate of speech, phonetic pronunciation and context disambiguation.

More languages than any other supplier

Chatti has the most extensive coverage and reach to over 4.5 billion people with 40 supported languages including: English, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi and more.

Voice Quality Engine

Deliver high quality voice experiences using our reliable global carrier network. Reach customers with marketing or other broadcast messages with outbound phone calls and options IVR feedback.

Let your callers choose

Add a simple Interactive Voice Response (IVR) script to your existing applications.

Engage a large audience efficiently and cost effectively

Reach customers with marketing or other broadcast messages with outbound phone calls and optional IVR feedback.

Grow your business with viral adoption

Enable worldwide delivery and receipt of critical alerts via phone calls.

Getting started is easy

Get started for free and get instantly sending Text-To-Speech calls with Chattabox. Here you can upload your contact list, draft a message, choose the language, gender and click send.

Alternatively, you can integrate your CRM and other business platforms directly to our industry leading Voice Gateway.

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Support you can rely on

We provide expert support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team is here to answer questions, aid in the implementation of your programs and enhance communications within your business.

Local support for our global network, let’s talk.

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