InTouch Health

Intouch health

InTouch Health is a global health network that uses cloud-based technology to provide optimal clinical care anytime at any location. By providing telehealth devices, products and services the health systems used are done so at a reduced cost and larger scale.

The healthcare profession has many parameters and restrictions when it comes to network and the security of patient data and records. The Chatti Video API allows a next generation multi-party telehealth care on a web-based experience called WebRTC. 

InTouch Health utilises APIs and video platforms needed to enable physicians and patients to interact within the InTouch Health network via internet browsers. 

The impact within the health profession for InTouch Health has shown it is used in more than 2000 locations with more than 25,000 clinical uses every month. By implementing Video API into InTouch Health the service was able to go to market with WebRTC- based physician/patient multi-party care that is supported on all devices.