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SMS Marketing Myths

With an incredibly high open rate, SMS marketing should be an essential activity of all businesses. However, a lot of marketers remain unsure of its efficacy and how they can integrate it into their marketing strategy. The number of misconceptions currently circulating around SMS marketing are enough to turn some people away from the idea, so we’ve debunked 5 of the top myths we often hear.

You may have heard, or even believed some of these myths, but the data doesn’t lie. With a 99.9% client success rate here at Chatti, we believe SMS marketing is crucial for offering personalised and engaging interactions with your customers.


A major misconception about SMS marketing is that it’s only useful if you’re trying to engage with millennials. While their screen time might be much higher compared to other demographics, this doesn’t mean you’re limited to only reaching younger generations. The growing number of mobile users is helping SMS marketing cross generational lines, giving brands the ability to engage with any demographic they like.

The sooner businesses adopt Chattis SMS marketing, the more competitive they will be.


With a smaller canvas to work on compared to other marketing platforms, you might be left wondering how creative can you really be with a text message? The beauty of SMS marketing is that you can personalise your message to the audience you’re working with by including custom fields and use it to promote just about anything – sales, blogs, contests, events, review requests and more.

Plus with Chatti you aren’t just limited to 160 characters. We know how hard it is to pick and choose, that’s why with Chatti you can use up to 1224 characters including emojis and you’re able to send links to multimedia, giving you the opportunity to tell your compelling story virtually


We know what some of you might be thinking – SMS marketing is simply for blasting out discounts and offers to audiences who can’t reply. What a lot of people don’t know is that SMS marketing has a 209% higher response rate than phone, email and social media.

At Chatti we understand the importance of two-way communication and just how much businesses want to hear from the customers which is why you can reply to customers’ responses in real time.


This might be one of the most popular myths we hear. With social media marketing becoming extremely popular, many people are forced to believe that SMS marketing is simply a trend that’s on its way out. However, with 89% of Australians owning a mobile and SMS marketing having a 98% open rate – it’s here to stay.

Still don’t believe us? Check out some of our client success stories


A number of big brands use SMS marketing so it’s no surprise that people often assume it must be expensive and costly to run. Although, it’s quite the opposite. With Chatti, there’s no hidden monthly or setup fees, you only pay for what you actually use. In fact, the price per text is as low as 6.5 cents. Chatti offers free trials with a price beat guarantee so you can experience the benefits of SMS marketing and sample our user-friendly platform.

Seriously, no obligations or payments. Ready to start? Trial for free here

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