SPAM Policy

Sending SMS

SMS is a very effective communication method for sending notifications and marketing material. In Australia, there are set guidelines which must be followed. Visit the ACMA Website for more information. All customers using Chatti services agree to adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy.

As a helpful guide, here is an overview of what you can and can’t do:

Send SMS to your audience that:

Do not send SMS if:

The Australian Communications and Media Authority requires that all outbound marketing messages must include the following information:

This can be done in many ways, most common method is: (Reply with STOP to Optout) in the message. Our online platform, Chattabox automatically takes care of this for you but it is your responsibility to ensure you don’t resend SMS to customers who have opted out.

To ensure 100% delivery of your SMS marketing campaigns, we recommend you submit your content via the link below:

Sending Email

All email communication must provide the end user with the ability to unsubscribe, usually found in the footer of the email. Chatti email platform provides multiple options and assists with managing unsubscribed users.

Chatti does not tolerate abuse of our Acceptable Use Policy and accounts will be terminated if they are found to be ignoring these guidelines.

We have multiple safeguards in place to protect our customers and to prevent unauthorised or fraudulent use of the Chatti platform. Please report any unwanted calls, emails or messages for immediate action here – Report Abuse.