Conversation API

Flexible omni-channel communication starts here. Contextualise voice and message communications with the conversations API

Create customer journeys through conversations

Our Conversation API powers in depth communication with context that moves with your customers to create customer journeys through conversations and deliver a better overall experience.

Create Conversations With Context Built In

Leverage our Conversation API to connect the disparate networks of IP and PSTN, retain context across channels, create unique workflows with custom events, and enable a more customised communication experience.

The Conversation API

The Conversation API is a low-level API that allows you to create various objects such as Users, Members, and Conversations.

Conversations are the fundamental concept the API revolves around. Conversations are containers of communications exchanged between two or more Users which could be a single interaction or the history of all interactions between them.

The API also allows you to create Events and Legs to enable text, voice and video communications between two Users and store them in Conversations.

Text, voice and video communications can currently flow through various Channels like App, Phone, SIP, and Websocket. To enable the App channel (for in-app messaging, voice and video), you would need to also utilise our Chatti Client SDK.

Phone, SIP and Websocket Channels are enabled through the Voice API and they all flow into Conversations


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