Adaptive Routing

A message sent is not always a message received.

Adaptive Routing

Sending a message is simple, delivering it quickly and consistently across the globe is far more difficult. Our technology sets a new standard on messaging quality, regardless of where you're sending it to.

We’ve built a Message Quality engine that, when coupled with our direct-to-carrier network infrastructure, delivers messages with the lowest latency and most consistently while providing higher levels of security.

Optimised Routing

In the SMS industry, a common measurement of message deliverability has been delivery receipts (DLRs) that handsets send directly back to the carrier. The problem is that DLRs are not uniformly supported, some carriers offer them and some do not. 

The uniquely patented Adaptive Routing algorithm intelligently measures real-time deliverability and automatically routes messages via the best performing carrier.  We process more than 60 million data points a month giving us real-time insight to the best performing routes all over the globe. We have seen this result in a 40%+ increase in successful delivery rates where the sender was unaware of the broken communication.

Increased Conversion Rates

The consistency of low latency and high deliverability over time is what sets us apart. We’ve found a way to reduce the volatility of deliverability, regardless of where on the planet your audience may be. Our Messaging quality engine delivers a conversion rate that is so consistent, it typically varies by less than 0.03% in any given 12 month period!

Higher Deliverability

In order to optimise deliverability to over 1600 networks internationally, a platform needs to gather continuous feedback from customers who send large amounts of messages globally. Because we handle the messaging traffic from the world’s largest chat applications, we are uniquely positioned to optimise deliverability for the rest of our customers.

Early outage detection

We’re able to circumvent outages by detecting degradation of quality early and moving your traffic to the next best route, preventing service outages altogether. Ultimately, the most important benefit of our Adaptive Routing technology is that it improves the communications between you and your audience, enhancing the overall experience. Customers that receive their SMS faster than expected, are happier, more connected customers.